CNN Is Paying For Pro-Trump Sexual Assault Apologism

Media Matters for America, 10/14/2016

CNN’s on-staff Trump apologists have reacted to allegations about Trump’s history of sexual harassment and assault by smearing the accusers, downplaying the severity of Trump’s comments and alleged behavior, and trivializing the impact of sexual assault. And CNN is paying them to do it.

The New York Times Proves "False Balance" Is Ruining Good Campaign Coverage

Media Matters for America, 9/12/2016

The New York Times’ public editor defended the paper’s coverage of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from criticism by arguing journalists should try to treat controversies involving Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump equally. It’s a defense that highlights the real danger posed by “false balance” in campaign journalism during the 2016 election.

How News Networks Criminalize Black Victims Of Police Violence

Media Matters for America, 7/7/2016

News networks reporting on the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling by a police officer in Baton Rouge highlighted Sterling’s prior criminal record and displayed his mugshot from a former arrest, reinforcing tropes about black criminality that have long tainted media coverage of instances of police violence.

How to talk to a queer person who is afraid of dying

The Washington Post, 6/14/2016

I spent most of Sunday thinking about what I would text my mom if I was hiding in a nightclub bathroom and believed a gunman was about to kill me. I pictured the bathrooms of my favorite clubs. I imagined where I would hide. I imagined how I would try to barricade the door. I pictured what my body would look like on the floor.

Call yourself an LGBT ally? Here’s how to actually be one.

The Washington Post, 6/9/2016

In my experience as a gay man surrounded by generally decent human beings, I’ve encountered a lot of straight and cisgender people who identify as “allies” to the LGBT community.

This is never a bad thing — I spend most of my life in situations where I’m outnumbered by straight people. So I’d generally prefer they call themselves my “ally” than my “worst nightmare come to life.”

How News Networks Should Cover Someone Like Donald Trump

Media Matters for America, 3/28/2016

Donald Trump is political media's dream candidate. He supplies news networks with a seemingly endless supply of ridiculous sound bites, over-the-top press conferences, and legitimate scandals. As a result, news networks have devolved into 24-hour Trump channels, covering his every speech, press conference, stunt, and tweet. And they've compromised some of their most basic journalistic standards in hopes of earning access to the candidate.

The Question Every Reporter Should Be Asking About Transgender Bathroom Bans

Media Matters for America, 3/24/2016

Media outlets covering the debate over transgender equality have helped amplify right-wing myths about privacy and women's safety in public restrooms. But they haven't asked Republican politicians to explain how they'll enforce laws that would require people to prove their "biological sex" at the bathroom door.

What We Lose If We Lose Melissa Harris-Perry

Media Matters for America, 2/27/2016

We may have seen the final episode of Melissa Harris-Perry's unique weekend morning MSNBC show, one of cable news' most diverse and important editorial programs.

We Can't Be Scared Of The "Bathroom Predator" Myth

The Huffington Post, 11/4/2015

We need to talk about why the LGBT community keeps losing non-discrimination fights at the ballot.

Last night, voters in Houston repealed the city’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a measure that prohibited discrimination on the basis of fifteen characteristics including race, sex, disability status, sexual orientation and gender identity. In the fight for LGBT equality, HERO’s repeal is one of the most significant, dramatic setbacks at the ballot box since California’s Proposition 8. And it highlights the utter failure of LGBT organizations and activists to effectively respond to right-wing horror stories about transgender people in public restrooms.

Why Houston Is Asking Beyoncé to #BeyBeAHERO


The Huffington Post, 8/10/2015

Houstonians are asking Beyoncé to help stop her hometown from legalizing discrimination. It’s just the beginning of a fierce battle to save one of the country’s most important citywide non-discrimination laws.