The big problem with comparing Trump to Nixon

It's tempting to compare Trump and Nixon. But Trump has a weapon Nixon never could have dreamed of: a right-wing media machine aimed at discrediting his opponents.

How Parkland student David Hogg beats his critics

David Hogg has mastered the art of dealing with the right-wing smear machine. I asked him how.

How the NRA hijacks gun control debates

The NRA is an industry lobbying group. Why do we keep asking them to debate gun control?

How politicians troll the media

Republicans in Congress have taken trolling the media to new heights. It's time for news networks to adapt.

The Trump-Fox & Friends feedback loop, explained

Trump's favorite news show is Fox & Friends. That should terrify you.

The awkward debate around Trump's mental fitness, explained

Trump's presidency is posing a real challenge to a decades-old rule in psychiatry.

How Trump turned Sean Hannity into a conspiracy theorist

Trump's presidency has turned Sean Hannity into cable news' biggest conspiracy theorist. And that's threatening Fox News' bottom line.

Harassment is breaking twitter's free speech experiment

Twitter's harassment problem shows why the idea of a totally free speech environment might not be free for everyone.

Youtube's messy fight with its most extreme creators

YouTube is taking a bigger role in regulating creators, but how does it draw the line?

Don't fall for the antifa trap

The panic over antifa reflects an old media tendency to focus on the most extreme elements of protest movements.

Treating hurricanes like war zones hurts survivors

The media's search for "bad guys" during a natural disaster gets us angry about all the wrong things. 

Why fact-checking can’t stop Trump’s lies

Why do Trump’s supporters continue to believe misinformation, even in the face of fact-checking?

After Charlottesville, how do we cover an immoral president?

Donald Trump is using the most powerful office to play defense for white supremacists and neo-nazis. How can media coverage ever be the same?

The "this is fine" bias in cable news

Political journalism tends to treat every story like the ones that came before it. So what happens when politics in the Trump era goes off the rails?

Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson's become a hero to white supremacists. To understand why, you need to look at the way he talks about immigrants.

The best Fox News explanations for Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting

Fox News has spent the week downplaying Trump Jr.'s attempt to collude with the Russian government during the election. As the Russia story keeps getting worse, we're going to see just how far the network is willing to go to stay on Trump's good side.

The decline of American democracy won't be televised

In a country like the U.S., democratic backsliding will likely to start off looking a lot more normal -- with slow, legal attacks on our democratic institutions. It's the kind of thing that won't generate many news headlines -- at least not until it's too late.

What happens when you treat health care like a soap opera

Cable news treats Health Care like House of Cards. It's badly warping the way we understand what's at stake in the fight over health care.

How the media's weapons fetish primes us for war

Between the Tomahawk strike on Syria and the MOAB in Afghanistan, cable news under Trump has been saturated by images of American firepower. But the media's obsession with American weapons sanitizes violence and makes it harder to think critically about why we use deadly force.

Fox News’ 5 steps for handling a Trump scandal

In a week full of Trump scandals, Fox News is teaching a masterclass in how to play defense for the president.

The White House press briefing is dying

James Comey's firing has undermined the credibility of the White House press briefing – and Trump knows it.

Fox News' problem is a lot bigger than Bill O'Reilly

Sexual harassment allegations aren’t an anomaly at Fox News -- they reflect a deeper problem inside of Fox headquarters. 

CNN treats politics like sports — and it’s making us all dumber

When you treat politics like a game, you’re going to end up with news coverage that cares more about drama than it does about the truth.

Comedians have figured out the trick to covering Trump

While news networks have struggled to figure out the right way to cover Trump, political satirists demonstrate why comedy can be such a powerful antidote to bullshit.

This is your brain on terrorism

We watch news coverage of terrorism because we think it'll make us better informed about how to keep ourselves safe. But what if it does the opposite?

Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump

Fox News and Donald Trump are having a public love affair, but their relationship is less of a romance and more of a hostage situation.

Kellyanne Conway's interview tricks, explained

How should the media cover a White House that isn't afraid to lie?

Kellyanne Conway has a supernatural ability to derail any interview that paints Donald Trump in a negative light. How does she do it?

The Trump administration isn’t afraid to get caught lying. That poses a real challenge for journalists and news networks grappling with government propaganda.

Trump’s Election And The Power Of Fear

Years of fear mongering, paranoia, and conspiracy theories on Fox News and talk radio paved the way for a Trump presidency. It’s up to journalists to stop that fear from continuing to hijack American politics.

How “False Equivalence” Ruins Trump-Clinton News Coverage

News outlets have made the mistake of treating Clinton and Trump as two equally flawed candidates, making it harder for voters to understand what's at stake this election.

Breaking Down This "Rigged Election" Bullshit

Trump’s “rigged election” shtick is the product of years of conservative fear mongering about voter fraud, challenging journalists who want to restore confidence in the election process.

CNN Has A Trump Surrogate Problem

CNN’s decision to hire and pay full-time Trump apologists has turned its election coverage into a series of ridiculous, uninformative screaming matches that mainstream bullshit in the name of “balance."

Trump Is Dodging Interviews With Spanish-Language News Networks

Donald Trump hasn’t done an interview with a Spanish language news network in 14 months, magnifying a dangerous rift between the Republican Party and networks like Univision and Telemundo.

Lester Holt Proved We Need Fact-Checking In Debates

Lester Holt repeatedly challenged Donald Trump on claims he made during the first presidential debate, highlighting the value of having moderators who are willing to fact-check in real-time.

Inside a Pro-White, Pro-Trump, "Alt-Right" Press Conference

The racist "alt-right" movement has been mobilized by Trump's campaign, but it's not planning on giving back the media spotlight anytime soon.

Inside The Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorist Rally At The RNC

There’s been a lot of focus on what’s happening at the Republican National Convention, but the real circus took place across the street at a rally held by some of Trump’s favorite conspiracy theorists.

The Flawed Way The Media Covers High-Profile Rapists

News reports about Brock Turner’s sexual assault conviction included unrelated details about his swimming abilities. That’s not an accident, and it’s impacting the way viewers think about sexual assault cases.


Legal abortion is one of the safest common surgical procedures in the U.S., but news coverage of anti-abortion laws continues to peddle myths about abortion safety. And that’s helping anti-abortion activists working to shut down abortion providers across the U.S.



Donald Trump has made attacking immigrants a central part of his campaign, but we're not experiencing an immigration crisis. So why are Trump's supporters so afraid of immigrants?

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is the right-wing legal group behind the recent assaults on LGBT equality and women's reproductive healthcare. But when they're not playing nice in media appearances, ADF pushes an extreme and terrifying legal agenda, including defending laws that criminalize homosexuality.


News networks frequently use the word “controversial” to describe Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican comments, and it’s setting a dangerous precedent for the way the media talks about bigotry in American politics.


News coverage of the April 2015 Baltimore uprising focused on images of violence and property damage, playing on tropes about black rage to gloss over the structural inequality that's plagued the city for decades.


Conservatives are using bogus scare tactics about “bathroom predators” to pass creepy, invasive laws regulating transgender people’s bathroom access. And uncritical media coverage is helping them do it.